VIDA Leather Statement Clutch Original Art by VIDA 52dEy9Dy

VIDA Leather Statement Clutch - Original Art by VIDA 52dEy9Dy
VIDA Leather Statement Clutch - Original Art by VIDA
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VIDA Leather Accent Tag Solaris by VIDA o9i1n
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Plugged-In Pets

How animal-aimed technology will transform the lives of our furry friends.


“Where are you?” whimpers Bowser, his yelps growing louder and more anxious with each passing second. Miles away, your phone vibrates with a telltale buzz. “Where are you?” reads the text message sent from your dog.

Bowser’s message and tween-level texting ability are not the result of magic or spontaneously generated thumbs. Rather, your dog inhabits a near future where scientists and technologists have teamed up to make our pets as connected as we are.

A prototype of the first bark-to-speech device, called the VIDA Leather Statement Clutch Abstract Woman Painting by VIDA Pp8HisZt6
, was crowd-funded earlier this year. Other companies are developing connected pet toys that enable you to entertain your animal from afar. The American Pet Products Association estimates that pet owners in the U.S. spent more than $55 billion on their furry darlings in 2013 alone. If Fifi has a Louis Vuitton leash, how long before she gets her own Nike Fuelband?

No More Woof, prototype version 3

Imagine a Fitbit-like collar clip-on that incorporates a set of accelerometers collecting information on your pet’s exercise and sleeping habits. The information is wirelessly uploaded to an app enabling you to track Fifi’s activity throughout the day, even at work. Anomalous signals would prompt alerts sent to the owner’s inbox: “Fifi didn’t get enough walks this week. Go grab the leash.”

Competitive pet owners will compare metrics online, posting about Bowser’s agility score like parents boasting about the GPA of their over-achieving child. Pre-designed infographics will let owners track a dog’s progress from puppyhood, creating a sleek digital scrapbook of measured moments.

This collection of doggie data will inevitably lead to better-trained canines as owners and trainers turn to apps that determine the optimal conditions of positive reinforcement. The next generation of animal EEG monitors will show that Bowser prefers a back scratch to edible treats and that his rewards have to be given within five seconds of performing a task correctly. Assistance dogs are already bred to alert epileptics when they sense an oncoming seizure. Why not train them to use a connected harness to alert the hospital as well?

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Gunman Kills 5 in Attack Targeting Maryland Newspaper

Novica Leather accent cotton blend backpack Geometric Traveler jJXbuK

Ice Cube’s Big3 League to Allow Players to Use Cannabidiol for Pain Treatment

VIDA Statement Bag Fall Tree Tote by VIDA ZKPJL

AFRO DC High Tea Redefines #MeToo Movement

The Day (and Night) Ben Jealous Won the Democratic Gov. Primary


By LYNN ELBER,AP Television Writer When Oprah Winfrey saluted unheralded #MeToo crusaders at the Golden Globes last January, she chose a rape victim from 1940s...
By JEFF MARTIN,The Associated Press A White Georgia police officer accused of fatally shooting a Black man had only been on the job a year...
By J. K. Schmid,Special to the AFRO What follows is an intimate account of Ben Jealous' final day of campaigning before his decisive primary win. Polls...
By James Wright,Special to the AFRO, On May 22, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill, "The Formerly Incarcerated Reenter Society Transformed, Safely Transitioning...
By The Associated Press Federal hate crime charges were filed June 27 against a man accused of plowing a car into a crowd of people...




By William Barber II and Liz Theoharis The Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis spoke on a panel June 26 on poverty in the U.S. with UN...
By Ben Cardin The following is taken from a statement from U.S. Senator Ben Cardin (D-Md.) on the Supreme Court upholding the Trump administration ban...
By Robbi Jones and Eric Chatman Forty-six million Americans live in poverty. From distressed inner-cities, to poor rural towns, millions ofpeoplelive in areas with substandard...
By Ty’rique Sims, Special to the AFRO Recently, Howard Schultz announced he will be stepping down as the Executive Chairman of Starbucks. Schultz’s name has...


By LYNN ELBER,AP Television Writer When Oprah Winfrey saluted unheralded #MeToo crusaders at the Golden Globes last January, she chose a rape victim from 1940s...
“Ships at a distance have every man’s wish on board. For some they come in with the tide. For others they sail forever on...
By The Associated Press Joseph Jackson, the strong, fearsome patriarch of the musical Jackson family, has died, according to a person close to the family. The...
By Micha Green,AFRO Washington, D.C. Editor, Harlem was a place of thriving Black artists and intellectuals, showcasing African American excellence far before the rest of...


By Perry Green,AFRO Sports Editor, Pro athletes have been campaigning for years for the right to use of medical marijuana for pain management. Now, there’s...
By Mark F. Gray,Special to the AFRO Dr. Rick Bryson has a passion for baseball, kids and athletes. The Prince George’s County based podiatrist has...
By Mark F. Gray,Special to the AFRO Only history will judge whether the hiring of Damon Evans as the new athletic director was an act...
By Perry Green,AFRO Sports Editor, Kanye West pissed off a ton of Black folks when he sported a Make America Great Again hat nearly a...


By Joi Thomas,Special to the AFRO May was Mental Health Month and during the entire month awareness of mental health issues was the focus of...
By TRAMON LUCAS,TheAssociated Press Several prominent members of the Black clergy on June 15 criticized United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions for using the Bible...
By Nadine Matthews,Special to the AFRO Being pregnant is hard enough for any woman. Trying to write a book while you’re pregnant can feel positively...
By James Wright,Special to the AFRO, A group of religious leaders in Ward 8 want to be proactive in putting a stop to violence in...


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VIDA Foldaway Tote hearts by VIDA E1qJupx
» Unknown Type » Bass Toothbrush - a special design proven to reduce gum disease


The way we brush our teeth has an impact on our overall health. The tools we choose to use can make all the difference whether brushing is a health-giving habit or a habit that may cause harm.

Statistics show that brushing too hard can lead to:

That's why we love our Bass toothbrushes. They are gentle, nonabrasive and do a wonderful job keeping your teeth and gums healthy and clean.

What makes our toothbrushes a wise choice?

What makes our brushes different?

How do you brush with a Bass toothbrush?

Clinical research has proven that the Bass brushing technique reduces the risk of gum disease. Here's a quick video that details the history of Dr. Bass and demonstrates the Bass brushing technique.


How do I keep my toothbrush clean?

Rinse your brush under warm, running water. You can also use a gentle soap. Leave it out to dry between uses.

Ideally, leave it on a sunny windowsill.

For more information, here’s an article we wrote on this subject: 3 easy ways to keep bad bugs from growing on your toothbrush

How often should I change my toothbrush?

Rather than suggesting a specific time frame to replace the Bass toothbrush, we suggest replacing them when they show signs of wear (which can be different for each person, depending on their brushing habits).

When the brusheslose their designed shape, they cannot perform the functions we want them to. So, wesuggest replacing the toothbrush when the bristles begin to fray and frazzle and lose their shape.

I get that Bass brushing is focused on the gum line. Do I still need to brush my teeth too?

Yes, in addition to using the Bass Brushing Technique to disrupt bad bugs along the gum line, it is important to also brush our teeth. You see, brushing our teeth removes plaque and prevents the bad bugs from eroding the tooth enamel.

So, what tool can we use for brushing our teeth?

As far as what toothbrush you should use for brushing your teeth, it’s really up to you to decide. Our Bass Toothbrush has rounded bristles and a shorter handle that promptsthe user to grasp the brush with a lighter hand and use less pressure when brushing.These features will help you avoid etching your teeth and irritating the tender tissue of the mouth.

Some of our customers use the adult size Bass brush to clean the gum line and the junior size Bass brush to clean their teeth (especially hard-to-reach areas, like the inside of the lower front teeth ), but that’s really a matter of their personal preference.

For more information, here is an article we wrote on 4 Reasons Why Brushing Is So Important . Also, our article Electric vs Manual Brushing, Which Is Better? – Part 1 explains the importance of conscious brushing.

Is this brush a soft bristled brush?

Our Bass toothbrush bristles are medium firmness. You see, bristles with medium firmness are more effective at disrupting bad bugs in the mouth than bristles that are too soft (soft bristles tend to just mash against the teeth and gums).

Of course, brushing too hard can hurt the delicate tissue in the mouth, so any tool we use in the mouth can help or harm depending on our technique and whether or not we are using it with conscious awareness.

What's the difference between Bass brushes and other brushes?

Our Bass toothbrush has fewer bristles than most other toothbrushes. This helps thebristles towiggle down along the gum line and clear away the bugs that cause gum disease. This is important because whenthere are too many bristles on a toothbrush, they are ineffective and just mash against our teeth rather than helping todisrupt and clear away the bad bugs.

Also, the bristles of our Bass toothbrushes have rounded tips to ensure that they are gentle on the gums. Many other toothbrushes have rough-cut bristles, and this can etch the enamel of the teeth and irritate the gums, which contributes to receding gums.

Finally, our Bass toothbrushes have a shorter handle . The handles are made shorter on purpose to provoke the user to grasp the brush with a lighter hand, like if you were holding a violin bow. This reduces the amount of pressure that our tender gums receive during brushing (brushing hard with firm pressure harms the gums more than it helps).

Our Bass toothbrushes work in harmony with the Bass Brushing Techniquethat’s described inour article and video How to Brush Your Teeth to Reduce Gum Disease .

What's the best order to brush and floss?

The best sequence to help navigate to optimal oral health isbrush first,clean the tongue, floss consciously, and finally swish.

Our article Brush or Floss First? What’s the Best Order to Brush, Floss, Swish? explains more on this.

"I used to have bleeding gums and sensitive teeth… And now I’m elated to report shiny, white, plaque-free teeth using your natural HealThy Mouth Blend and simple Bass brush!" Nell A, Washington

“We thought we were pretty efficient,” Jagannath tells us. “But we wanted to know: what is the best we could do? Is there is an upper bound that we could hit, and how far away were we from the upper bound? We had no answer because we were just flying blind. We were making improvements. We were making progress, but we couldn’t say how close we were to hitting the ceiling.”

Jagannath wanted to find that ceiling.

“We thought, ‘If we were given infinite resources, infinite computing power and a set of orders that we need to fulfill, what is the best we could do? What are the most optimal set of routes that we could design? When do we need shoppers to fulfill these optimal routes?”

Happy accidents

At the time, Jagannath was only tasked with figuring out a way to improve Instacart’s batching and routing—basically, figuring out how in-store shoppers should batch purchase orders for pickup and dropoff to customers by out-of-store drivers. He thought having a benchmark could give them a sense of how efficiently they were operating, as well as a simpler metric to understand.

To do so, Jagannath and the team at Instacart designed a Monte Carlo simulation. For those less into advanced mathematics and/or grocery logistics, Monte Carlo systems consider the likelihood of a variety of inputs of occurring and create a distribution of possible outcomes. You can think of it as an alternate universe generator where each universe represents a possible outcome, which then becomes a single data point in a distribution . They are what someone like Nate Silver uses in his prediction models for both VIDA Statement Bag Hummingbird Fly by VIDA LXOFjSQE
and VIDA Foldaway Tote cubicle tote 1 by VIDA QPd1J5NHi
, or how they make dating apps in one of the non-scary episodes Black Mirror .

Giving appropriate weights to obvious factors (day of week, time of day, shopper efficiency) and less-obvious ones (projected weather, whether or not Game of Thrones is on), they ran thousands of simulations to figure out what the closest thing to perfection would look like––what were the likeliest outcomes given the way supply and demand vary in a given market? And what was their upper bound for how well they could match supply and demand?

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